Monday, July 25, 2011

Workparty Success!

Our WorkParty was on Saturday and it was a great success! We had 20 people throughout the day and got a lot done. With all the extra hands we got five planters (below, left) filled with peppers, tomatoes, French tarragon, and marigolds (to keep the bugs away). We also used the rototiller and got the raspberries planted (below, right). We cleared space in the courtyard and planted corn, sunflowers, delphinium, mint, chamomile, and more marigolds (far below, left). It felt great to have so many people in the garden and we couldn't believe how fast the work got done with so many extra hands. If you missed the workparty but still want to see the garden, come by any week day, we're usually around 9-5 or leave a comment on the blog!

1 comment:

  1. MARIGOLDS! What a brilliant idea. ;-) I was thinking of you on Saturday and hoped that everything went well -- wow, 20 volunteers and 44 hands instead of two! Whatta concept. Everything looks so beautiful. Congratulations to you, Tory, and all of the helpers. I hope that someone will take pics after you leave so you will be able to @@ the bounty of the harvest!