Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Building the Tipi Trellis

Inspired by tipi trellises that Tory built in urban community gardens back in Providence, RI, we decided to put one in the courtyard. The kids will be able to go inside of it and hopefully enjoy some shade provided by peas and climbing beans. We planted the peas we'd been growing in the greenhouse and found that we had some peapods (below). We had help building and planting from some neighborhood kids who stopped by to see what we were doing. They thought the peas tasted great too!

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  1. Well, this is very exciting! I guess that building a tipi trellis is no "big whoop" for two women who have also built raised garden beds; however, I am amazed at its size and symmetry. Tory remembered well, and both of you did a great job! The structure will be covered in no time -- especially with the beans. By the by, cucumbers are VERY compatible with peas and beans. It might be fun to take one of your cukes over there to climb as far as it can go with a massive support system. Then, the kids can monitor the growth rate and compare it to that of the bedded plants. Just a thought.

    What (edible) beauty you have brought to this entire area . . . everyone must be sooooo proud and happy -- and that includes me.