Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fruits and Flowers

Summer in Somers beams on, and here are some more things the garden has to show for it!

Our sunflowers are growing proud and strong--and we don't just love them because they're beautiful! They are attracting plenty of interested birds and insects who help pollinate our plants and keep the garden a healthy, diverse little ecosystem. . . And not only that! In the fall, the after-school Garden Club can use the seeds to roast for a tasty snack. Did we mention that these sunflowers completely seeded themselves this year? How wonderfully low-maintenance.

If you'll remember those promising brownish berries just on the verge of ripeness from my last post, my volunteers and I were thrilled to see juicy red berries ready for our consumption this past week. There aren't any camps going at this time of the summer, but a few lucky students stopped by the school and got to harvest a few for a snack.

On the left are some exquisite bean flowers on the purple bush beans from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds via FoodCorps... Thanks, FoodCorps! And on the right is the beginning of one of many zucchini that have shot upwards and outwards for the past month. Those things can grow.

And the whole garden, in all of its newly wood-chipped order. We hope the wood chips will keep it looking sharp when kids come back to school! Thanks SO MUCH to our volunteers who made this possible, and happy end of July, everyone!

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